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Every day is an extraordinary day

Every day is an extraordinary day

This is just an ordinary day made of common gestures, brief contacts, sudden fragments of light.
Life is made of instants that fill your time.
Life is made of surfaces that fill your space.
Living through your moments, FENIX is with you along the day. 
Made to last.



FENIX has unique features that make your living space, an extraordinary living space.
What makes FENIX is here disclosed.
Look, touch, interact. 
Let yourself be impressed.


Low light reflectivity, extremely matt surface

The structure of FENIX features uneven peaks and valleys. When light hits the surface, it reflects in different directions since the angles of incidence are not the same everywhere. This is what makes FENIX matt.


Soft touch

Thanks to the technology behind, FENIX surface strikes also for its sensory experience. 
By touching it, you can feel how pleasantly soft it is.



Once you touch it, you will also get the further surprise of leaving no fingerprints on the surface. 


Thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches

Thermal repairability is the result of proprietary technologies and the use of next generation acrylic resins, hardened and fixed through an Electron Beam Curing process.