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Ambo, design by CARA \ DAVIDE

CARA \ DAVIDE designed Ambo, a project exploring the concepts of union and of individual, embodying both togetherness and solitude. Ambo is a seat made by joining two chairs which fit together perfectly, resulting in a unified yet modular furniture piece. The product of this connection is a system which functions both as a single object, with the seatings joined, and as a pair of separate seats. 

“Ambo comprises a series of chairs, born from the idea that individualism and union can be integrated perfectly in a cohesive system, maintaining their function whether used individually or collectively,” say designer duo Cara Judd and Davide Gramatica. “Despite being part of a unified whole, the two individual pieces resist the urge to conform by resembling one another, and instead each maintains its own distinctive character which is further accentuated when separated.” 

The design highlights the characteristics of the object’s duality by means of the bold colour contrast of two materials - Arpa® Rosa Shade in Kèr finish and FENIX® Giallo Evora - as well as the wavy-effect of the three-dimensional surfaces used to cover the exterior: TUET Galea Rosa and Galea Giallo (available upon request). The two pieces, with their homogeneous and coherent aesthetics, are linked by a relationship of complicity and duality: they come together and split apart as needed, yet always maintain their own special, unique character.



CARA \ DAVIDE, multidisciplinary design studio based in Milan, is a collaboration between Cara Judd (South Africa) and Davide Gramatica (Italy). Their works are characterised by an ongoing research in material, territory and perception. They produce their own personal projects working closely with artisans in Italy and South Africa. Their collections are represented by galleries in Europe and USA. They work with brands to produce furniture collections and design interiors such as retail and residential spaces as well as exhibition scenographies. Cara and Davide both lecture in the Product Design Department at IED Milan and Como. Their clients include Aybar Gallery, Mint Gallery, Galerie Philia, Coulisse Gallery, Rinascente, Medulum, Uniqka, Portego, Muuto, Vero, Moose Knuckles, Tooy.