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A Set of Values We Stand Behind

A Set of Values We Stand Behind

03 August 2021

It is the grace, the endurance, and the persistence of athletes like Mathieu van der Poel that inspire us. In business as in cycling, talent alone is not enough.

We aim to reach the highest levels knowing that to stay there we need passion, dedication and hard work. At the same time, we need a dedicated and professional team moved by a continuous desire to get better. We train hard in all possible circumstances to get lucky when it matters.

This approach and set of values are why we align our FENIX global brand with the Alpecin-FENIX cycling team. The team shows a similar way of working, focusing on growth and on the long term.

Van der Poel, now 26, won his first World Champion title at the age of 20. He has been on the same team for over a decade. It is a promising team that steadily works on building careers and new generations of cyclists. Their long-term approach is based on facts. At the same time, the team remains flexible and entrepreneurial.

In cycling and in business, we share a focus on getting great results consistently. But to improve, we also learn from the losses without losing sight of our goals. To quote Van der Poel, “Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination.”