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MUSME by Corde Architetti Associati

MUSME by Corde Architetti Associati

MUSME, opened in 2015, is located inside the oldest hospital in Padua, the Hospital of St. Francis from 1414, now the first centre in Italy dedicated to dissemination and training in the medical and scientific field, a blend of science, technology, history, interaction and emotional communication.                                                                                                      
The story told by the museum unfolds over 1500 square metres, divided up into areas that are adjustable according to the requirements of a particular exhibition. The designers of the Corde Associati studio selected, integrated and installed the latest technology (sensitive-walls, LED monitors, interactive floors) by combining them with advanced materials such as FENIX NTM®.

With the use of FENIX NTM Nero Ingo surfaces, changes in illumination can be adjusted with a minimum of reflectivity. The nanotechnological material guarantees a high resistance to scratches and, thanks to its anti-fingerprint properties, it is great for interactive displays.    

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Walls and adjustable partitions in FENIX NTM Nero Ingo. Interactive desks and touchscreen stations in FENIX NTM Nero Ingo. Exhibition stands and seats covered in FENIX NTM Nero Ingo.

Alessandro Santarossa
Giovanni Sciré
Corde Architetti Associati

The approach of Alessandro Santarossa and Giovanni Sciré is an artisanal one: as such, the design, rendering and creation stages are all equally important. In its first ten years of business, this Venetian studio developed numerous building projects both public and private, on a varying scale: from urban planning to interior design. The architects, Santarossa and Sciré, both have experience teaching at the Universities of Udine and Venice.


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